Christmas is the reason why December is so lovely! Anyone would want to make the most of their time and spend the holidays exploring the world, especially with the prolonged holiday break and the exciting prospect of the new year. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas 2023, there are particular Christmas celebrations in almost every location on earth, which will enhance the beauty, charm, and romance of your Christmas trip this year.

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Christmas's unique delicacies, gifts beneath the tree, and copious amounts of mulled wine serve as reminders of what the holiday season is all about. In this blog, we will be discussing the best Christmas destinations around the globe, whether your goal is to see Santa in Lapland, experience the white winter in Gulmarg, attend a traditional German market, witness the festive lights in Mumbai, or just get some much-needed winter sun.

The Top Destinations in India for Christmas 2023:

1. Delhi

Christmas is a very special celebration in Delhi, just like all the others. This is among the factors that determine our diversity-based togetherness. India's capital city, Delhi, is the centre of festivities. Malls and upscale avenues are elegantly decked out, clubs start hosting themed parties, cafes and restaurants provide specially crafted menus, and the spirit of the celebration permeates everything around them. The greatest spot in India to celebrate Christmas is, without a doubt, Delhi.

christmas 2023 in delhi

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  • Must-visit churches: Cathedral Church of the Redemption, St. Mary’s Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church
  • Places to stay: Raddison Blu, Hotel Gold Regency
  • Things to do: Visit various markets and malls

2. Gulmarg

If you want to spend a white and snowy Christmas in India, Gulmarg is the place to go. Gulmarg, a snow-covered and picturesque hill station, is well-known as the epicenter of winter sports. Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and make prayers in Gulmarg's stunning churches. In December, you may feel the cold with your loved ones curled up under a white snowflake blanket and sipping hot chocolate.

christmas 2023 in gulmarg
  • Must-visit churches: St. Mary’s Church
  • Places to stay: The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, Shaw Inn
  • Things to do: Attend the Gulmarg Winter Music and Adventure Festival and participate in church functions

3. Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the greatest Christmas getaway locations in India if you enjoy the festive atmosphere of brightly lit Christmas trees on the sidewalk, malls, and markets decked out with decorations and lights, as well as the mouthwatering aroma of fruit cakes and date rolls.

christmas 2023 in mumbai

Mumbai, with its beautiful coastline, boasts a range of beaches that vary from energetic, carnival-like seashores to tranquil oases. These beaches transform into festive wonderlands during Christmas. Beach parties, family gatherings, and festive decorations at the beach are common things during Christmas. But what to wear to these Christmas beach parties can be quite the question. Kaftan dresses from Cmge Beachclub can be the perfect pick as a cover-up or for styling. Crafted from a sumptuously soft and premium fabric, this dress allows you to move with ease and grace.

  • Must-visit churches: Afghan Church, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, St. Thomas Cathedral 
  • Places to visit: Taj Lands End, The Trident, Sahara Star
  • Things to do: Attend the mass functions at a church, and visit different cafes or Christmas beach parties.

  • 4. Pondicherry

    When one is in Pondicherry, one will never run out of places to go on a Christmas holiday in India because of the city's beautiful December weather, peaceful beaches to hang out at, and countless gothic buildings and cathedrals that are exquisitely decked to calm the eyes. Pondicherry is a great place to explore, so visiting over the holidays is highly recommended.

    christmas 2023 in pondicherry

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    The inclusion of this destination on the list of the greatest places in India to spend Christmas is evident from its abundance of holiday festivities, gift exchanges, Christmas trees, and crispy cookies.

  • Must-visit churches: Domus Dei Cathedral
  • Places to stay: Maison Perumal Hotel and Restaurant 
  • Things to do: Attend midnight mass and various Christmas markets

  • The Top Destinations to Celebrate Christmas 2023 Around the World:

    1. Thailand

    Thailand is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas because of the clear water that laps around the sandy shores and palm trees. Thailand attracts hordes of people every year, and there are tons of reasons why! While the list is endless, one of the absolute favorites is soaking up the sun on some of the world's most amazing beaches.

    christmas 2023 in thailand

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    • Must-visit churches: Holy Rosary Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral
    • Places to stay: 137 Pillars House, Ritz-Carlton Reserve
    • Things to do: Attend Christmas Mass; Cruise the Chao Phraya River

    2. Gran Canaria

    December afternoons here are ideal for lengthy, sunny lunches by the harbor and strolls along the coast because the average temperature hovers around 20 degrees Celsius. The island has a joyful atmosphere during this time of year. Christmas lights and decorations adorn streets, villages, and cities, fostering a happy and festive atmosphere.

    christmas 2023 in Gran Canaria
    • Must-visit churches: Cathedral de Santa Ana, Iglesia de San Juan Evangelista 
    • Places to stay: Bohemia Suites and Spa, Hacienda del Buen Suceso 
    • Things to do: Enjoy Festive Lights and visit Nativity Scenes

    3. Bruges, Belgium

    The fable The Bruges Christmas scene is wonderful. A visit around Christmastime adds a festive and charming dimension. Known for its Gothic architecture, the medieval center's squares are adorned with fairy lights and filled with market stalls offering handicrafts and paper-wrapped waffles. Take a brisk stroll among the chilly canals on Christmas morning to chase away the cobwebs, and then spend some time in one of the warm bars.

    christmas 2023 in Bruges, Belgium
    • Must-visit churches: Basilica of the Holy Blood, St. Giles’ Church 
    • Places to stay: Hotel de Orangerie, Hotel Dukes’ Palace Bruges 
    • Things to do: Take a winter canal cruise; Attend a Christmas concert

    4. New York City, USA

    Christmas in New York City is a wonderful time of year, full of markets, landmark decorations, festive lights, and a variety of seasonal events. Grab hot chocolate from well-known establishments like Jacques Torres Chocolate or City Bakery to stay warm. Christmas offers a unique blend of metropolitan bustle, holiday spirit, and tradition, making it a joyous and remarkable occasion.

    christmas 2023 in New York City, USA
    • Must-visit churches: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity Church
    • Places to stay: The Plaza Hotel, The Bryant Park Hotel 
    • Things to do: Ice skate at Rockefeller Center; Visit Holiday Markets


    These locations are canvases that evoke memories; they are more than just locations. Make Christmas memories with loved ones by exploring anything from Lapland's icy scenery to India's rich cultural legacy. We hope you have a happy, joyful, and giving holiday season. Merry Christmas!