Pool parties are a great way to enjoy the sun, water, and relaxation with friends and family. Your outfit is your passport to stealing the spotlight, turning heads, and becoming the undeniable heart of the aquatic fiesta. But the big question arises while standing in front of an open wardrobe: “What to wear for that perfect look?” and “How do I stand out in the crowd?” Fear not! We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will cover pool party outfit ideas for both men and women.

pool party outfits

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

For women, a flowy maxi dress or a kimono-style cover-up is easy to throw on and perfect for a pool party. You can also wear sexy denim shorts with a stylish bikini top to stand out.

For men, casual slides are easy on, easy off, and perfect for poolside. You can also try pairing a pastel-esque shirt with a blazer or casual shorts to exude classy vibes. Accessorize your look with a bow or tinted sunglasses to indulge in the summer vibe.

Remember, the best pool party attire is whatever makes you feel your best. So, choose something comfortable and practical that makes you feel confident in your skin. Have fun and enjoy the party!

Pool Party Outfit Ideas for Women

1. Color-Changing T-shirt

women color changing t-shirt pool party outfit

Wear a graphic tee with an eye-catching design, as it can be a great choice to express your individuality. Eye-catching patterns, bold prints or patterns, or color-changing t-shirts can be quite the choice. As you take a splash in the pool, the T-shirt bursts in a different hue, bringing the spotlight to you. Style with denim shorts and flip-flops or pool sliders for a complete look.

2. Kimono Jacket Lure

women kimono jacket pool party outfit

Jacket, at a pool party? Yes, you can! Choose a kimono jacket with a variety of print and color options. If you want to be a statement-maker, this could be the ideal outfit. Wear it with shorts and a tank top for a street-chic take on your swimsuit ensemble. We guarantee that you'll be the life of the party!

3. Color-Changing Bikini

color changing bikini pool party outfit

This is the ultimate game-changer! As the name suggests, this bikini changes color, for real! When you take a dip in the water, this color-changing bikini undergoes a breathtaking, head-turning transformation. A breathtaking visual extravaganza that astounds spectators.

4. Sarong Dress

sarong dress pool party outfit

Too shy to wear a bikini but still want to wear something that gives you the same vibe? Try the sarong dress. With its side slit, the sarong dress gives you the perfect pool party appearance! With your distinctive sense of style, you will undoubtedly become the personification of effortless elegance and grab attention.

5. Tropical Vibes

kaftan dress pool party outfit

Embrace the poolside ambiance with a tropical-inspired outfit. Wear a breezy, leaf-printed skirt or kaftan dress from Cmge Beachclub. They also have printed as well as plain sarongs. Pair the sarong with a cotton bralette, a crop top, or a color-changing t-shirt.

Pool Party Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Show Off with Exclusive Printed Shirts

men printed shirts pool party outfit

Who said a shirt could only be worn to work? Choose from a range of printed and pastel hue shirts. The prints for printed shirts are exclusively designed by CMGE in-house designers, and attention to detail is taken immense care of. Take our word for it; the prints will have people staring at you.

2. Rock with Color-Changing T-shirts

men color changing t-shirt pool party outfit

Although T-shirts are going to be mostly worn by all men at a pool party, that doesn’t mean yours has to be boring. Want to turn some heads? Choose color-changing t-shirts. Designed for the modern adventurer, these t-shirts show their true colors when water comes into contact.

3. Aqua Print Shorts

water-reactive aqua printed shorts pool party outfit

Although men’s shorts are a wardrobe staple at any pool party, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain pair. Are you a risk-taker? Wear aqua print shorts. With a little splash of water, the shorts will reveal an enticing print that will turn heads. Pair it with color-changing t-shirts for a complete look.

Twin and Win with Your Better Half

couple pool party outfit

What’s a better attention seeker than wearing twinning outfits with your better half? CMGE Beach Club has pool party outfit options for couples. Men can wear printed shirts, while women can wear matching printed sarongs with a bralette. Girls and guys can also twin with their guy friends or girlfriends.


If you want to know what to wear to a pool party, whether you want to flaunt a bold poolside look or do something fun, you have come to the right place. Follow this guide and be the star of the pool party. Also, choose Cmge Beach Club for an ultimate and quirky pool party look.