Returnable Products

We have a 14-day return policy (only for Returnable Products). To apply for a refund and return, the purchased product should meet the following conditions:

  • Items purchased during a sale are non-returnable.
  • Only exchange is possible on sale items.
  • Only one-time exchange is allowed.
Category Conditions
Correct Product The product/brand/article number/bar code should match. Do not detach or damage the MRP tag.
Complete Product If the purchased product includes add-ons or comes in a combo, all products should be present.
Unused Product The purchased product must be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, and fragrance-free.
Undamaged Product Only undamaged products without holes and tears will be eligible for return.
MRP tag Tags should be attached to the product and undamaged.

We gladly accept returns as it is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our confidence in Quality, Designs, and our appreciation for our customers!

Only Exchange Products

Since we are also into technical textile apparel, the following products are only available for exchange in size within the same 14-day period:

  • Color Changing T-shirts (Temperature Sensitive)
  • Aqua Print Shorts (Water Reactive)

Non-Returnable / Non-Exchangeable Products

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of health, hygiene, and safety of our consumers and refrain from any return (used/unused) for:

  • Color Changing Bikini / Bikini Product Line

We request customers ensure sizing perfection in these items and even get in touch with our customer care before purchasing non-returnable products. These conditions are only kept due to hygiene reasons; we hope you understand our efforts for the same!

The Procrastinator Policy

Did you miss the 14-day return window? Don't worry, we offer an additional 3 days of grace period against store credits for our special procrastinator customers!

Payment Policy

Payment processing takes 7-10 days. Refunds will be issued in the original mode of payment or to your bank account in case of Cash on Delivery. We also offer store credits or exchanges for another available size or product, as you prefer. In case you need to self-ship the product due to an out-of-serviceable area pin code of reverse logistic partners, we will gladly issue store credits (maximum of 200 credits) for such cases.

Return Policy Process

We strive to ensure a seamless return experience for our valued customers. Follow these simple steps to initiate a return or refund:

  1. Access Return/Refund Page: Begin the return process by visiting our designated return/refund page on our website.
  2. Provide Order Email: Enter the email address used when placing your original order to help us identify your purchase.
  3. Verification Code Submission: Click the 'send' button to receive a verification code in your provided email address.
  4. Enter Verification Code: Retrieve the 6-digit verification code sent to your email inbox and accurately enter it on the return page.
  5. View Your Orders: Once verified, you'll see a page displaying your orders associated with the provided email address.
  6. Select Item for Return/Refund: Locate the item you want to return or refund and find the dedicated button.
  7. Reason for Return: If the item is eligible for return, choose a reason and optionally include images for context.
  8. Choose Exchange or Return: Indicate if you prefer an exchange or a refund.
  9. Return Shipping Method: Choose a shipping method, whether utilizing a return label or independent shipping.
  10. Final Submission: Review your details and submit your return request. Our team will process it and provide further instructions.

We value your patronage and are committed to addressing your return needs efficiently. If you encounter challenges, feel free to contact our customer support for assistance.