Obsidian Foliage Casual Shirt

Rs. 3,199.00

The breathable viscose rayon of CMGE's "Obsidian Foliage Casual Shirt" caresses your skin like a cool embrace, ensuring comfort despite the evening warmth. The bold black and white tropical print makes a stylish statement against the inky night, perfect for those who appreciate both comfort and elegance.

Ideal for occasions that balance between a casual beach bash and a sophisticated soirée, this shirt offers versatility and style. It breathes with you on the dance floor, keeping you cool as you move, and shields you from evening breezes around the fire pit. Whether you're standing by the blazing bonfire or strolling along the shimmering seaside beneath the starry night sky, this shirt ensures you look effortlessly stylish.

Pair it with light-colored shorts for a relaxed, beach-ready look or with chinos for a more polished appearance. This CMGE shirt combines practicality with a striking design, perfect for your summer wardrobe.


Introducing CMGE Beach Club's new collection in men's shirts, crafted from CMGE's Rayon Dobby fabric. This fabric showcases intricate woven patterns created on a dobby loom, resulting in textured designs that catch the eye. You'll immediately notice the soft, smooth handfeel and beautiful drape of the rayon fibers, making the shirts feel exceptionally luxurious against the skin.

The lightweight nature of the fabric allows it to flow gracefully, adding a touch of elegance to each shirt. The dobby weave adds depth and dimension, with raised motifs that create visual interest and texture. Despite its delicate appearance, CMGE's Rayon Dobby is surprisingly durable and breathable, ensuring all-day comfort.

This fabric's combination of refined patterns, luxurious handfeel, and flattering movement brings a timeless sophistication to our men's shirts, making them perfect for any occasion where style and comfort are paramount.

Wash Care

• Machine Wash(40 degree or less)
• Use Gentle Soap
• Use Fabric Softener for Fabric Life
• Dry Inside Out
• Do Not Bleach
• Do Not Wring

Our Packaging

Rooted in the love for the treasures of our planet and seamlessly uniting fashion and eco-consciousness, CMGE Beach Club's packaging features reusable cloth bags – a beachgoer's must-have, reducing waste one tote at a time.

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