Oasis Noir Co-Ord Set

Rs. 2,499.00

Check out the Oasis Noir Co-Ord Set, which perfectly blends sleek style with beach-ready comfort. This striking black beachwear set features a structured crop top with a neat square neckline and a high-waisted pair of shorts, both designed to beautifully flatter your silhouette. Crafted from a lightweight fabric, it’s ideal for soaking up the sun during the day and enjoying the cool, moonlit breezes by the sea at night.

The set is expertly tailored from lightweight fabric to ensure unparalleled comfort and breathability, making it perfect for beach outings, poolside parties, and tropical vacations. It transitions effortlessly from daytime adventures to evening beach events.

For a chic daytime look, pair it with wedge sandals and oversized sunglasses. To elevate your sophisticated beach ensemble for the evening, add statement earrings and a stylish sun hat. This CMGE set is sure to be a standout in your wardrobe, seamlessly carrying you through all your summer escapades.


Showcasing CMGE Beach Club's stunning co-ord set made of ThreadTide fabric, which features an intricate, dimensional texture that immediately catches the eye. Tightly woven threads create a raised, ribbed pattern that undulates across the surface, resembling small waves or ripples. This tactile design adds significant depth and visual interest to the co-ord set.

Despite its heavily textured appearance, ThreadTide maintains a smooth and supple hand, offering both comfort and sophistication. The play of light and shadow across the raised elements creates subtle tonal variations, adding richness and nuance to the overall aesthetic.

This distinctive fabric strikes a perfect balance between visual intrigue and luxurious feel, making it ideal for elevated fashion pieces that demand a touch of understated elegance. Whether you're wearing it for a stylish day out or a sophisticated evening event, CMGE's co-ord set ensures you make a captivating impression while experiencing unparalleled comfort.

Wash Care

• Machine Wash(40 degree or less)
• Use Gentle Soap
• Use Fabric Softener for Fabric Life
• Dry Inside Out
• Do Not Bleach
• Do Not Wring

Our Packaging

Rooted in the love for the treasures of our planet and seamlessly uniting fashion and eco-consciousness, CMGE Beach Club's packaging features reusable cloth bags – a beachgoer's must-have, reducing waste one tote at a time.

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