Mariner's Knot Crochet Shirt

Rs. 2,599.00

Embrace the gentle sound of waves lapping at the shore or the soothing hues of a sunset reflecting on the water. Introducing CMGE's "Mariner's Knot Crochet Shirt," a piece that captures the serene beauty of the ocean with its deep blue cotton crochet, mirroring the calm depths beneath the surface.

Perfect for beach days and casual evenings alike, this versatile shirt pairs seamlessly with khaki shorts for a laid-back daytime look or relaxed jeans for a more polished evening ensemble. Stroll along the beach while the soft fabric caressing your skin, or enjoy a casual dinner with friends - the rich blue tones add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Complete the look with suede loafers that offer a hint of sophistication or sandals that keep things effortlessly casual. Minimalist silver accessories, such as a sleek bracelet or watch, enhance the chic, effortless vibe, ensuring you stand out with understated style.

For those who appreciate a blend of comfort and style in their everyday wear, this shirt from CMGE is the perfect choice.


Introducing CMGE beach club's collection of men's shirts made from YarnArt CrochetEase fabric, where the intricate beauty of its openwork design meets unparalleled comfort. The cotton yarns are expertly looped and knotted, forming a stunning geometric pattern with diamond-shaped motifs. These open stitches allow your skin to breathe, making it the perfect choice for warm-weather outings.

You'll appreciate how, despite its detailed design, the fabric feels incredibly soft and lightweight. It drapes comfortably, giving your skin a gentle caress. YarnArt CrochetEase masterfully combines traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion, offering a luxurious tactile experience.

The unique texture adds depth and artisanal charm, transforming this shirt into a stylish statement piece. It prioritizes comfort and wearability, ensuring you feel as wonderful as you look. Showcasing the beauty of skilled crochet work in a fresh, contemporary way, this men's shirt is a must-have for any fashion-forward wardrobe.

Wash Care

• Machine Wash(40 degree or less)
• Use Gentle Soap
• Use Fabric Softener for Fabric Life
• Dry Inside Out
• Do Not Bleach
• Do Not Wring

Our Packaging

Rooted in the love for the treasures of our planet and seamlessly uniting fashion and eco-consciousness, CMGE Beach Club's packaging features reusable cloth bags – a beachgoer's must-have, reducing waste one tote at a time.

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